Enhancing the foundation for success

Success: strong, connected relationships, and empowered wealth stewardship.

Imagine the construction of a skyscraper. The sturdiness of the skyscraper relies on the strength of its foundation, which took time and intention to create. 


The technical elements of wealth (legal, taxation, investments, specific decisions, transitions, disclosures, etc.) are like the skyscraper. These elements shift from overwhelming challenges to amazing opportunities when built on a strong foundation.


Northbound Coaching is the architect you hire to collaboratively design and enhance the foundation needed to navigate the realities of wealth and maintain healthy, happy relationships. 




Who wants to stand in a skyscraper without a strong foundation?


  • Disconnected relational dynamics
  • Ineffective focus on technical elements, (legal, taxation, investment and other issues) which account for only 5% of wealth transfer failure.
  • 95% of the problem is not addressed. Research shows that 95% of wealth transfer failure rate is explained by the lack communication, trust, shared vision/mission, and inheritor preparation (the foundation!)


  • Rates of depression and anxiety are 1.5-2.5 times higher among the affluent.
  • Even higher rates of substance abuse and random acts of deliquency.
  • 80% of beneficiaries experience their trust fund as a burden.
  • 70% of families lose their wealth as it transfers from the first generation to the second generation.
  • 90% of families lose their wealth as it transfers from the second generation to the third.


  • Recognize the need to take a different approach.
  • Act now! It is never too early and never too late to…
  • Address the missing 95% of the equation to sustain wealth, but more importantly strengthen relationships and wellbeing.
  • Learn about the process of enhancing your foundation.


Help people develop the skills, knowledge, and relationships necessary to experience ever-strengthening relationships and empowered wealth stewardship. 


Wealth facilitates meaningful living, strong connection, and positive impact within relationships and communities.

Who We Work With


Learn more about common areas of concern and, thus focus, for families.


Launch toward passion, purpose, and productive living.                                        


Coaching and workshops for parents (or groups of parents) on relevant topics


Explore and improve money dynamics in your relationship.