My Journey

I offer a unique blend of expert knowledge of psychological principles and an insider’s perspective on multigenerational wealth dynamics.

During my early career I pursued international development and humanitarian aid. I lived and worked in multiple conflict-affected African countries before earning my first Master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts. It was there that I met my husband, Jeremy, and off we went to the Dominican Republic for his job with the United Nations.

Our Dominican street dogs, Luna and Fia, made the move with us to Colorado where I completed my Master’s and then Doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Denver. Meanwhile my family began working with a strategic wealth coach. Inspired by the work my family did, I sought out every opportunity to train and use my expertise in human behavior to help other families experience the same.

Becoming a wife and a mother expanded and deepened my relationship with wealth. I began to experience the nuances of partnering and parenting from different financial backgrounds and the importance of understanding and integrating our wealth narratives. Jeremy and I are actively engaged in the journey of raising two children to be happy, healthy, and mindful about wealth (in all of its forms).  

We want them to be able to integrate wealth into productive and meaningful lives. I believe strongly that the most powerful way to communicate this hope for our children is to embody it ourselves.

As a family, we are focused on living in line with our values. This includes leaving a positive footprint, adventuring in nature, and always putting family first. Continuing to focus on his value of service, Jeremy’s impact investing company, Groundswell Ventures, provides investors with an opportunity to grow capital while doing good in the world.

My career is dedicated to my personal values of connection and service. The ripple effect of helping affluent families flourish is powerful and gives me a great sense of purpose. I also strive toward having my work with Northbound fund my affordable counseling practice (River Rock Connections) and pro-bono trauma therapy to survivors of war trauma.

I hope that the knowledge, skills, and experience I have acquired on my journey will support you on yours. Please be in touch and ask questions. I look forward to knowing you.