Coaching Intensives


Women, Wealth, and Power

Explore inherited messages about money and power from a gender lens. Make explicit the unconscious things you carry and identify the narrative you will bring forward and model for future generations.

Premarital and Newlywed Wealth Dynamics

Whether you come from similar or different financial backgrounds, exploring wealth dynamics, roles, & responsibilities before marriage or early on in marriage lays a critical foundation for the future health of your relationship.


Create an intentional parenting platform from which you will better encourage your children’s pursuit of meaningful, productive lives. This results in a stronger parenting identity and congruent communication in the context of financial privilege.

Going forward, you will be able to use your parenting values, vision & mission to guide decisions.                                                         

Dating when Wealthy

An excellent way for parents to support their children without getting too involved and risking a rupture in the relationship!

Whether you are thinking about dating, going on first dates, or early in a relationship, this package is for you.

Completion of this package results in your having a process in place to make wise choices on who to pursue a relationship with.


This program is suited for individuals who:

  1. Are uncertain of what to do with their life.
  2. Feel like they are floundering & want to launch.
  3. Could benefit from increased motivation & accountability.
  4. Struggle to understand how wealth fits into their identity.
  5. Need someone to talk to regularly, but do not need therapy