Chloe, family member

“Getting my Dad to agree to do Real Colors was not easy and he had it in his mind that it would be a waste of time (by the end he was probably the one who enjoyed it most).  It did not take long for everyone to start enjoying the activity. Real Colors taught us about ourselves as well we each other. Even as a close knit family, Real Colors broke down preconceptions we had of each other and allowed us to see one another in new way. For example, my Dad always thought I was the most like him and it turns out my brother actually is. We all also thought my brother was the worst communicator in the family and he is actually the best/most perceptive person in the family. 

Through this exercise we learned how to communicate with each other better as well as listen and communicate to others outside of our family as well. This has come in very handy for both my brother and I in interviews as well as workplace relationships and communications. 

My entire family left that day feeling a lot closer and the we understood each other much better than before. For several weeks after, my Dad told pretty much everyone how cool it was and all about what he had learned. My parents still talk about how great of an experience it was. Katie and Real Colors did a great job bringing my family together and teaching us all valuable interpersonal skills.”

Chair, Tiger 21

“Katie leads from her heart combining personal experience with in-depth expertise in family wealth dynamics.  She did her homework to craft an interactive and engaging retreat experience that was very well-received by our members.  Her content and delivery style on stewardship and communication with family hit the mark for our peer learning community of very successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators.”

Amy, family retreat partner

“In my years of working with Katie, I’ve been impressed by her ability to see the big picture all while paying attention the important details that matter. She tackles large projects in a gentle, consistent manner; knowing that incremental changes and improvements in a target direction are the keys to making a positive impact. Katie naturally combines her tenacity and perseverance with her extensive experience and education to make her a polished gem to work with in any capacity. I enjoy every opportunity I get to work with Katie.”

Jeremy, corporate team-building

“Katie was a great help as our team grew and we approached new, significant projects together. Learning how to best communicate, and to strategize for our work together, allowed us to optimally leverage our strengths. Four years later, we still regularly leverage the perspective and tools Katie provided us.”